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Carey's Growth Story

How long have you worked at Dollar General?

August 2006 (8+years)

What is your current role with the company?

Director — Supply Chain Human Resources

What has been your career path?

My career path has been focused on opportunities which will develop specific HR skillsets, present generalist opportunities, and also grow my understanding of each specific business unit. I have held HR roles which support SSC, retail and distribution teams; each has grown my overall understanding of our business, our employees, and our customer.

What do you enjoy most about working at Dollar General?

In addition to the people and the company’s culture, I most enjoy our mission. For me, it’s important that I’m part of a team and a business which provides essential needs for the customers we serve. Dollar General is a neighborhood store, one which many of our local community shoppers heavily rely on. Although we have a wide range of categories and items to shop for, we provide the basics…that’s important.

What is the best career advice you received?

Create a career path with purpose - be selective with the roles you explore so that you grow yourself in the areas needed. It’s important for each step in your path to show a connection to the step before it and those to come.

Who influences you the most? Why?

During the growth of my career, I’ve had a number of leaders at DG who have been instrumental- those who have given me honest feedback, coached and trained me – and provided great leadership examples, as I grew to leading my own team. And of course my family –I consider the core values instilled in me, which I continue to share with my own family and also implement at work. It’s about being who you are and doing the right thing, no matter where you are. The same core attributes most important to me at DG, are the core values of my home.

What does Serving Others mean to you?

Giving back and doing more. For some, that may mean identifying an area which needs improving for our customer or our stores and being part of the solution – for others, it’s inserting themselves into a community initiative.

What is the best leadership skill to model?

Communication. It’s important to understand your team and business partners, what method of communication works best and is most effective - simple steps like listening, being observant, open-minded and honest.

Finish this sentence: I love working for Dollar General because….

There are so many DG stories- those who have devoted their entire careers to DG and help keep our mission moving forward- the customer service highlights, community giving milestones or other stories of our team members modeling our mission of Serving Others. I’m very proud to be part of the Dollar General family.

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