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Recognizing Our Talent: Employees Design Artwork for 75th

In recognition of DG’s 75th anniversary, we asked employees from the Store Support Center to submit artwork that symbolized our theme of ‘Seventy Five Years of Savings and Service.’ We had an amazing response! The following are the top entries and the stories behind their inspiration.

Serving Others

“I decided after reading Rick’s statement on the celebration of the 75th anniversary, that I wanted to keep our mission of Serving Others in mind. By using words and historical moments to capture both the past and future of what encompasses Dollar General’s mission, I developed this design. I decided the design would work best within a “serving platter” because when I think of serving others, I envision DG Serving Others in that manner by giving our customers, shareholders and all others the best there is to offer on a “platter of service. This design reflects on the past 75 years and the next 75 years.”

Mendy Catron, marketing specialist Serving Others since June 1997

The Bears

“In the front of one of our Store Support Center buildings stands a playful sculpture of bears. While there are many variations to the storyline as to why Cal Turner, Jr. requested the playful bear sculpture for our main building, my favorite is the idea of a family bond. To me, those bears are true icons of the people within this organization. While I have only been here for a short time, DG has given me so many opportunities for growth in my career. Working here has allowed me to build strong relationships, and I am eternally grateful. For that, I wanted to pay homage to the company I so proudly have the opportunity to work for. The bears define the strength and bond this organization solely owns, without ever having to define it. They are our past (the bear on the left) and our future (the bear on the right), reaching out with their hands (palm up) to figuratively demonstrate they are meant to Serve Others as well as bearing (pun intended) a smile to show their gratitude and loyalty to one another.”

Erin Fezell, PC support specialist II Serving Others since February 2014

Our Brand

“In reading our Dollar General timeline and testimonials on, there seemed to be common themes: provide the best value for our customer and provide a better quality of life in all of the towns and communities where our 11,500+ stores are located. Though this theme stayed true in the photos of the smiling team members through the 75 years of operation and expansion, our sign identity in the backgrounds of these photos show a progressive evolution culminating to where we are today.”

Jason Brimingham, conventional design manager Serving Others since December 2006

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