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If you’re looking for new ways to stay cool with loved ones, try these fun solutions to chill out while spending time with family and friends.

Start a Water War

Nothing touches the heart and says “I love you” like a friendly water balloon to the chest. Get the gang outside to embrace the heat with a water fight. If you live around clean, natural water, you can even conserve some by filling up soakers from a spring or lake. Tips: Don’t throw too hard, and only toss balloons at those who want to play.

Frozen Fun

Planning a picnic or day at the beach? Rather than fill your cooler with ice, inevitably leaving a melted mess, freeze water bottles to use as ice packs for your food and other drinks. After you’re done with the fun, you’ll also have ice-cold water to enjoy later. Tip: Recycle your plastic Coca-Cola® bottles and fill them with water to be more earth-friendly.

More Frozen Fun

Soda slushy or popsicle, anybody? There are many creative and refreshing ways you can freeze Coca-Cola® or blend it into a favorite treat. For example, Coke® floats make a perfect afternoon snack on the patio. Tip: Fill ice cube trays with soda, cover with plastic wrap and insert toothpicks to make soda popsicles, or leave out to make sweet ice cubes.

Keep It Shady

Planning on celebrating in the sun all day? Remember an umbrella or canopy, so you can tuck away and relax in the shade when necessary. It also works as a perfect home base for those who like to wander along crowded beaches. Tip: Use sunscreen, too, as shade does not guarantee protection from UV rays.

Stein Time

Serve cold beverages in frozen mugs or steins during your next cookout. If you dip the mugs in water before freezing them, the layer of ice on the inside will turn your drink into a slushy treat. Color-code them or offer different patterns so everyone knows which is theirs. Tip: Freeze only plastic mugs, steins or tumblers. Glass and ceramic ones might get damaged.

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