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Veterans Day: Saluting Our Veterans

Dollar General salutes the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. We asked you to tell us about your service and how lessons learned in the military have translated to your career at DG. Here is what you said:


Safety and training supervisor
Fulton DC
Army, 21 years
Serving Others for 1 year
“During my military career, I learned about servant leadership and the role that I play as a mentor. My focus at DG is maximizing potential by being part of the team and providing the tools and resources that each individual needs to be successful.”


Process improvement senior manager
Army, 2 years
Serving Others for 22 Years
“Serving in the military taught me to be physically and mentally disciplined, a part of a team to accomplish a common objective, to appreciate and build camaraderie and to understand that diversity multiplies the value of a people and the strengths they bring.”


Store manager, Spring
Creek, Tennessee
Army National Guard, 8 years
Serving Others for less than a year
“In the military, you are taught to be neat, orderly and dependable at all times. The Army life has taught me, as a store manager, to always have my store orderly, neat and clean and to project my behaviors toward the employees.”


Store manager, in
Natchitoches, Louisiana
Army Reserve, 8 years
Serving Others for less than a year
“Communication is the key. Without strong communication skills, you have nothing. You cannot lead if you cannot hear what others are saying. You cannot hear what others are saying if you do not communicate with them.”


Assistant manager, in
Sparta, Tennessee
Marine Corps, 4 years
Serving Others for 1 year
“The Armed Forces gave me an opportunity to do something good for my community and my country, which is an opportunity few people take. I apply these lessons to my job and my customers each and every day at Dollar General.”


Regional HR manager, Field HR
Marine Corps & Marine Corps
Reserves, 16 years
Serving Others for 1 year
“Similar to Marine Corps recruiting duty, Field HR is an independent duty that takes discipline and self accountability. The lessons that I’ve learned in the Marine Corps have become a foundation for me and my career at DG.”


Inbound/outbound manager,
Indianola DC
Army, 13 years
Serving Others for 1 year
“The Army provided me leadership training and experience that laid the framework for success at the manager level, such as leading from the front, displaying remarkable stamina and providing the example for behavior modeling.”


Lead part time sales associate in,
Lawrence, Kansas
Army Reserve, 5 years
Serving Others for less than a year
“Asking for help doesn't show weakness, it shows you recognize your limitations.”


Senior vice president, Global Sourcing
Army, 6 years
Serving Others for 3 years
“Doing the little things right makes a difference in getting a task completed correctly. From making your bed, to shining your shoes, it is the small details that build a strong base for continuous performance.”


Programmer senior analyst
(WebFOCUS), Information Technology
Navy, 7 years
Serving Others for 3 years
“Serving in the military taught me how to prioritize and have respect for the chain of command.”


Front end lead assistant, in Tishomingo, Oklahoma
Navy, 6 years
Serving Others for less than a year
“Never expect your followers to do something you will not do yourself. A leader has to be able to follow and lead, all at the same time.”


Sales associate, in Ivan, Oklahoma
Navy, 20 years
Serving Others for less than a year
“Serving in the military taught me to adhere to written policies, follow instructions and look for more efficient ways of getting the job done.”


District manager, District 386
Army Reserve, 5 years
Serving Others for 7 years
“The two Army values that stick out the most to me in relation to DG are selfless service and personal courage. Selfless service means putting others’ needs before your own, and we do that every day at Dollar General. Personal courage is having the ability to do what is right and to speak out when something can be done better. We ask our managers every day to follow the plan, but encourage them to speak out when a new way or process could be improved.”

Customer John

DG customer, in
Brownsboro, Texas
Visits Dollar General Daily
United States Army, 20 years
“Although I am not employed at DG, the lessons taught in the Army have carried over and remain with me still. As a soldier in the U.S. Army, I was taught duty, honor, loyalty and respect. I live each day serving my community, as I did my country.”
A special thank you to Store Manager Shalan in Brownsboro, Texas for inviting John to contribute to the DG Story.


Executive vice president, chief people officer, Human Resources
Navy, 6 years
Serving Others for 6 years
“In the military, leaders don't get to choose their teams, so you have to make the most of what hand you are dealt. That fosters a focus on motivating and inspiring others to reach their own max level of performance.”


Shipping supervisor II, Scottsville DC
Army National Guard, 13 years
Serving Others for 2 yrs
“A rank (or promotion) is not an increase of power. It is an increase of responsibility.”


Maintenance manager, Lebec DC
Navy, 25 Years
Serving Others for 2 years
“The DG core values and the U.S. military are very similar as both strive for the same result in ethics and dedication.”


Sales associate, in Marengo, Ohio
Marine Corps, 8 years
Serving Others for less than a year
“The most successful leaders I served for understood that when you take care of individuals first, the mission will take care of itself. This form of leadership is mission first, people.


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