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Our mission goes beyond being a business. We serve others. Plain and simple.

While we’ve developed into one of the biggest discount chains, we continue to incorporate our 75-year-old mission of Serving Others into everything we do, from our customers to our tight-knit community. Our reach goes far beyond our stores; the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, in honor of Dollar General’s co-founder, J.L. Turner, whom was functionally illiterate, and initiatives such as Toys for Tots are just some examples that show we care about our communities.

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I Love Dollar General

"Because it is one of the most giving companies I have ever worked for.
The little things we do add up to a LOT of help in the world, and that makes me
part of something big!"

— Greg, District Manager


You've got a friend

When Kelly, an assistant store manager in Meridian, Mississippi, saw a need in her community, she decided to make a difference by Serving Others.

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2015 Legacy of Literacy Award  

Legacy of Literacy

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) acknowledgment of the long-term and generous contributions the Dollar General Literacy Foundation has made to enhancing children's literacy.

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With over $120 million in
literacy funding, we've helped
change 7.3 million lives.

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