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Give a gift that lasts a lifetime. Volunteer to help someone learn to read, prepare for the GED, or learn English.



Even small donations make a big difference.

To join us in donating, simply make a donation at the register of your local store or mail your donation to:

Dollar General Literacy Foundation
P.O. Box 1064
Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37070-1064

Donate at your local store


Helpful Tools for you and others
Helpful Tools for you and others

This family-friendly financial literacy tutorial is designed to help parents share basic budgeting tips and tools with their children.

Financial Literacy Tutorial

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Finish Your Diploma dot Org

If you or someone you know needs their GED high school equivalency, let us help. With our free referral program, finding an organization that can help is a click away. So finish your high school diploma, and some things, like finding a better job, will feel much less dramatic.

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