Dollar General Literacy Foundation
Dollar General Literacy Foundation

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation believes learning to read and receiving your high school diploma or equivalent is an investment that opens doorways for personal, professional and economic growth. That is why our commitment to literacy remains strong. It is the one gift that no one can take away – the one gift that lasts a lifetime.

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation is celebrating over 20 years of funding literacy programs. Since its inception in 1993, the Foundation has awarded more than $100 million to nonprofit organizations and schools that have helped more than 6 million individuals advance their literacy and basic education skills.

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The Dollar General Literacy Foundation is proud to partner with the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy and the XPRIZE Foundation to launch the Adult Literacy XPRIZE. The global competition challenges teams to develop a mobile application that can help adult learners gain the greatest increase in literacy skills in 12 months. This initiative will help create smart, mobile solutions that taker learners further and faster than they thought possible. The competition offers more than $7 million in prizes.

Teams can register to compete through December 10, 2015.

Competing teams will have 18 months to develop their solutions. A panel of third-party expert judges will then select the top five teams to move on to the 12-month field-testing phase of the competition. The five finalist will be tested with a minimum of 1,000 adult learners each (5,000 total), ages 18-64, who read at or below the equivalent of a third grade reading level. The $4M Grand Prize will be awarded to the team with the best performance across all adult learners, over the 12-month field test. Bonus Prizes of $500,000 will also be awarded to the two teams with the best performance in each of the two key demographic groups: native English speakers and non-native English speakers. Following the awarding of the Grand Prize and Bonus Prizes, cities across the U.S. will compete to encourage their adult learners to download and use the winning applications, using tailored education, marketing and outreach campaigns. A $1M purse will be split among all finalist teams that meet the minimum performance benchmark to advance to the Cities Competition. A $1M prize will be awarded to the city that encourages the greatest percentage of its adult learners to download and use any of the finalist solutions over a six-month period. For more information, visit .